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sigma theta tau graduation cords

<> Phi Sigma Theta characterizes itself as a National Honor Society whose goal is to reward academic achievement in undergraduates. We agree! endobj Available in white, black, navy blue, red, maroon, royal blue, hunter green, purple, grey, pink and gold. Combine two colors to really represent your organizations true colors! It can be worn with or without the honor cords. Confirm your chapter has not ordered cords to give to new members. Our offices will be closed Wednesday, 23 December through Friday, 1 January. Price: $13.50 + $6.49 shipping: Color: Sigma Delta Tau. <> Membership Eligibility The last day to ensure delivery using UPS 2nd Day Air is Thursday, 17 December. WMU salutes graduates wearing cords, medals, medallions, pins, stoles and sashes. Price is for One cord. These lavender and white cords signify a graduate is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society. For UPS Overnight shipping, please place your order by Sunday, 20 December. We adhere to the strict standard of the ACE "American Council on Education". NOTE: For recommended practices on selecting members, see Membership Selection – Recommended Practices. Graduation Regalia; Certificate Frames; About us. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 University of Alabama. Combine two colors to really represent your groups true colors! Sigma Theta Tau is a Nursing honor society. endobj A perfect gift for any nurse, the Sigma Stethoscope Clip is a great way to carry your membership to work. Price is for One cord. BETA Theta PI Graduation Cords - TASSEL DEPOT Brand Brand: Tassel Depot. Combine two colors to really represent your groups true colors! Especially being in Theta Tau will make that experience even better. Add to Cart. 11 0 obj endobj endobj 550 W. North Street – Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA | 888.654.4968 (TOLL FREE - US/CANADA only) | +1.317.687.2256 (INTNL). 8 0 obj endobj Graduation Honor Cord. Price: $12.00 + $6.49 shipping: Color: Phi Kappa Theta. Delta Tau Alpha: ΔΤΑ: Hunter Green and Harvest Gold Epsilon Pi Tau: ΕΠΤ: Blue, White and Gold Eta Kappa Nu: ΗΚΝ: Gold Cord w/ Navy Blue and Scarlet Red Tassels Eta Sigma Phi: ΗΣΦ: Gold and Purple Cords with Gold Tassels Gamma Sigma Alpha: ΓΣΑ: Gold and Red Gamma Sigma Epsilon: ΓΣΕ: Blue and White Gamma Theta Upsilon: ΓΘY The stole can also be worn at another occasion where presentation is appropriate such as induction ceremonies throughout the year. Theta Tau Greek Graduation Honor Cords is made of 60" rayon honor cord with 4" tassel. Sigma Theta Tau. Each college or university can decide, as part of its graduation regalia policies, whether the honor cord [ 13 0 R] V������ĉJ ��6'p��b#�~�[1$��Fi.%�a��H��+�|� �y����Yʺ�]�W x���"��CQ9���,"YYۓ;���Fal ��bm��2Ry�f:g�I�`�M5*��C�OT�zB�Bq3�4U��llNSaߥ�]��S���̟)�W���LH|�=JS�B �\� �5孡)ζ3��^��gc2���0������cߝ��B�IvA3��L3����8}��� Combine two colors to really represent your groups true colors! Price: $13.50 + $5 ... Color: Theta Chi Verified Purchase. "@)j�B5g�zy�����=���uĢ��m_�1�i�j3���!�K~� �e���jZd�ی�h��R��|;;P�/���ac�Z2H�7=�J �k��W�T.f�;�7��u,v�ۮ�z���1��3��nw���|��#xw�-%�S-~p8��OŸsR E���^O �Hךv����3A[t3���ᡠgf?.�,S�}�}��%��Ί &*:�c�5�55y��zҎ(�Z�������%��c�_v.�b=(��Y��:�C�� ���s2'�0Nvz����y�X7�bhЁ��]�|��N�=����yp���:U��=�(\tcV�q�f��="b�"L��i�!>"2;䈑L#� Z>`����O�/��/?�)�Y��N�.8�Eߝ��ιȕL�oYp%���6\ (*Will be used to verify membership) 500. �3"����Ȕ�\��sʌ' zgD���^^���u��.��sa��7t��(>O��k�%=�t��=L�gw�9�&f"Kx��3'T�I�.��\�Q� ӊ/���,r������j �%��������b��d��pX��}�1��!��jV� Vk؆��~��}��O0�4�ȥ� No cancellations, returns or refunds will be processed after the order has been submitted. Sigma Theta Tau International's vision is to be the global organization of choice for nursing. Purchase 25 or more honor cords in the same transaction and receive a $2.00 off each cord. Confirm your purchase is approved commencement attire. Sigma Tau Delta -National Society for English representing high achievement in English language, literature, and writing; Cardinal red and black double strand cords Sigma Theta Tau - International Honor Society of Nursing; purple and white cords Phone: 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) … <> All memberships go through Sigma Theta Tau. 6 0 obj 10 0 obj During this time, no orders will be shipped or processed. The honor cord consist of twisted purple and white cords, ending with a tassel at each end. Price is for One cord. Important Shipping Notification: All purchases shipped via UPS ground must be completed by noon EST on Tuesday, 15 December to ensure delivery by Thursday, 24 December. Sigma's Job Board is a free service for Sigma members. Group Orders. Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0328 (205) 348-0975. Research; Scholarships - Nursing scholarships now available for the 2020-2021 academic year Scholarships; Connect with Sigma. 2009-2017 Congratulations Graduation Class "Follow your dreams, They are leading you to where you're meant to be" Serving the academic community with caps and gowns, custom made honor cords and tassels. Section 8.b.) Finally, we offer ball caps embroidered with the Tau Sigma crest. The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) honor cord and stole are designed to wear during commencement exercises. qX7+�2���#B���>D2��� endobj PHI Kappa Theta Graduation Cords - TASSEL DEPOT Brand Brand: Tassel Depot. Nursing Centered is the new home for Sigma articles, member stories, videos, webinars, and podcast episodes. endobj Honor Cords Fourragères and medallions Students who are graduating with Distinction, High Distinction, and Highest Distinction are entitled to wear fourragères: cream and crimson cords for IU graduates, black and gold for Purdue graduates. These Theta Tau graduation stoles can be customized for any graduation and you can choose between sewn-on letter stoles to make your own one-of-a-kind sash with embroidered stoles for your graduating pledge class. 2020 Emerging Nurse Researcher Award Recipient sees Sigma as a platform to elevate and disseminate nursing science. endobj 4 0 obj endobj 2 0 obj If you have received an invitation to become of a member of STT International, Zeta Gamma Chapter, we would like to congratulate you on this honor. endobj General . 4.8 out of 5 stars 75 ratings. So what do the ones at TU’s graduation ceremonies mean? ",#(7),01444'9=82. $12.00 Price. Help Center; Sigma Theta Tau. 12 0 obj PHI BETA Sigma Graduation Cords - TASSEL DEPOT Brand by Tassel Depot. <> Read these frequently asked questions about starting an Sigma chapter or joining an at-large chapter. No cancellations, returns or refunds will be processed after the order has been submitted. The last day to ensure delivery using UPS 2nd Day Air is Thursday, 17 December. <> �������V�D�α 8�Y֫�Z���T�KS�k4��a��C�Y�ӡ|��-:��}&G-�n����Py�eg�{���RInE���†�6��f��U^���A�-��Q�Ӓ�����r* �� ��Z�A!Xf�eQX����5��}�l�z� �p�k6]�h"�R��Ȅa�1�c���=Ro��P�U�+�'�;N���T���nM�w����o�t�w�#Q+{���Y�L2�Dv0\�����D�w>W�rŌ � M���;�o'!L��+�>��`�N�X���g)f�B͌@(�`:My�~�`�"T>D����5Ʀ�̩O�/zUq4�%jo�� S�5���f_�`QFJ0-6�U����߀V��F�,"!Ý�N���4Hr��f�u���h����b���د 6_���l��eGD�Ŗ�O5�P��P1E%gN6�V�8PW����7HY��t�s�yC�U��ڡ�$���1��/��]��f='y=��j]�"��- �՞�;�8d�:�����ˏ���M�)b�/Ed�M��;���5��\��uط��lCV[�N��UkQ� ��1e� Alpha Sigma Tau Honor Cords are made of 60" rayon and our honor cords come with 4" tassel. What school and year were you inducted into Phi Eta Sigma at? 4.6 out of 5 stars 37 ratings. Graduation Apparel If you would like to wear honor cords and/or stoles for your graduation, you may order either or both. Here you'll find stories and nursing information from Sigma nurses and chapters worldwide, from their view, in their voice! stream )�J��t����"��Y��j��XU0����q�r���m�u5��'c5b7���� ���*���X�pՔ�dl�2o*���s��P�_0�1���*�'F����H�zT��F�&,�ѯ�e]-�~��� >�^Q�Rq �u�M��V]$��D���ל�ܺ;�-E� ~��?�uC;0G�.�S7�{��5�� =p�E5!-�#_�E� /����C�U)����s��|�T��h�[��� f#@�S��~,|:/���]M1�xm���0T"���s]%�S��"�扐&Лf�'e��Q���+x�}�`���-��`q��@��'����pd �p�kz���V��~���n4�7~]%vDXn��i��=��S�f��i�D�����y`�b��i���'ӫ�����m�Nq+Cۜ/���`�6D�-�j������� :a"Q��p���5d3���%��2"i)�QƽŬi���"����m �D8��u�fɈͿ�g����5�T.~��U7!����gT�g߉ �8sDI�v\��� �!y�o��

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