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school reopening survey questions for parents

PASQUOTANK COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools is preparing three plans for the reopening of school in August. No problem! schooling-in-a-pandemic, By reviewing lessons learned from other countries and states, we are predicting the hybrid approach is highly likely, The survey closes on June 8th. Below you will find a number of these questions which is frequently asked by parents and also get some tips on how to support your kids as they plan on going back to school. Please state your level of agreement for the following questions. The survey is to help prepare the administration to plan for possible reopening scenarios. Click here to weigh in. As the school year ends, we should all be proud of our resiliency and commitment during this time. Draft Reauthorized Strategic Plan – Feedback Welcomed. Sleep quantity and quality are correlated to mental well-being and academic achievement. The results were released as the organisation and… Earlier today, Northborough and Southborough public school parents received the monthly newsletter from the Superintendent. “I’m not sure how any parent could answer the survey with the plan attached.” Some parents have been advocating for the reopening of schools. Not for students in classroom environments where social distancing will be our primary method of protecting student health. The newsletter explains: Although the DESE is expected to release reopening guidelines to districts across the Commonwealth sometime in the next couple of weeks, the District is taking a proactive approach and has convened a Reopening Advisory Panel (RAP) to study options and plan accordingly. If approved, the adjusted start times would be implemented in the fall of 2021; this year will give stakeholders time to prepare for the change and for the District to make final adjustments. Before you answer the survey, you’ll want to read the draft. Local News; CBE surveys parents, students and staff about reopening scenarios. There are literally dozens of EC administrators, faculty and staff members meeting and working very hard on a daily basis throughout the summer as we plan for a safe and successful reopening of our school. The child feels safe and happy at school? With a Wednesday deadline looming, some parents of pre-kindergarten and special education students are grappling with the decision over whether to send children back to campuses.. As they weigh the decision, tension is escalating between the district and the teachers union about school reopening plans.. Union leaders allege the district will not bargain over reopening issues. In the full week, students’ weeks alternate between in-person and remote schooling. To read the full May NSBORO News Update, click here. The request comes in the most recent update on the school’s efforts to prepare for September. 2020/21 School Reopening Survey. In hallways, restrooms, and other areas where social distancing may not be possible, students in grades K-12 may be required to temporarily wear face protection while in those areas. The survey is to help prepare the administration to plan for possible reopening scenarios. we’re definitely coming back and asked EC parents to complete a survey. The results of the survey will be shared with the community and will be used to make adjustments, identify concerns, and ultimately be used to decide if there is support to make a recommendation to the school committees for their approval. Your input matters to us as we seek to plan for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. About 44 percent of 1,275 parents surveyed in the Strongsville City School District favor children attending in-person classes just two consecutive days a week, once the 2020-2021 school … The School Reopening Surveys build on this work with new survey instruments for the return to school: 1. The Parent/Guardian Preference Survey is closed. At this time, we would appreciate your perspectives on the draft Strategic Plan for the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough. Solving the school problem is crucial for parents and kids. We have truly come together to … Schools will work with families to clarify and confirm survey preferences. Both Santa Rosa and Okaloosa County School Districts have sent surveys to parents. As stipulated by New Jersey Department of Education standards, face coverings are always required for visitors, faculty, and staff. Message from the Director of the Foundation, EC Community Sets Giving Tuesday Record to Fund School’s COVID-19 Safety Measures, Message from EC Head of School Tom Dykhouse, Yancy Hosts Virtual Sing-along with EC Preschool, EC Purchases Room Air Purification Units for Every Learning Space. In addition, we have benefitted from the insight and support of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee which is made up of community members, School Committee members, teachers, and administrators. We have arranged for additional staff members tasked with cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas on our campuses multiple times throughout the day. We will continue to report on the work of these team members as their planning work continues through the balance of the summer. The early start time has been identified as problematic for ARHS’ student body and is thought to be one of the factors contributing to students’ stress levels. Do you have an event or meeting you want to let people know about? The two options given are a “full week” model and “split-week”. It will ask if they want kids back on campus or … Strongly agree; Agree; Disagree; Strongly disagree; Don’t know Throughout the weeks and months ahead, I will continue to communicate to families as I know that families will need time to plan and prepare for the fall. We understand that both hybrid options have pros and cons and may require families to adjust their family and work schedules. The survey closes on June 8th. 2020/21 Reopening Campuses for eLearning Phase 2 Survey. Parents would be asked to make reservations each week. Recess times will be staggered to limit the number of students on the equipment. In the split-week, students alternate days over the course of two weeks. Preschool rooms are much more limited and will continue operating with reservations when we reopen for Sunday School. This survey was meticulously reviewed by the educational leaders of the school and informed our planning process for reopening. But they also may stay closed, reopen under a specific plan dictated by the state, or need to to pursue a “hybrid” reopening. Before moving forward with a recommendation to the school committees, it is seeking input and feedback from educators, families, and community organizations. ... My school's outreach in response to the COVID-19 school closure, select one for each item below As part of our continued commitment to open communication with the EC community, we wanted to share an update regarding our plans for learning in the fall. It is always Eastern Christian School’s practice to strive to meet or exceed all standards set forth for schools in New Jersey. How many children do you have attending Sanders Unified Schools? All Rights Reserved. Below are results for 13 questions based on our most recent survey, conducted April 10 and 11 among 510 parents of school-age children—part of a larger nationally representative sample of 2,201 adults. See the sample survey questions at the end of this section to help determine which questions to ask parents. The reopening of schools is no doubt an important and a hopefully welcome step, but as parents, I am sure you may have lots of questions that need to be addressed. Families’ input and feedback are essential as the District plans for reopening in the fall. The Panel includes school nurses, principals, educators, and District-wide leaders across our ten schools. To protect the health and safety of all of our families and school staff, the Superintendent is strongly encouraging parents to take their survey online. NJSIAA is releasing guidance and our plan is to run our fall sports according to their guidance and our ability to meet those requirements. Parents can click here to weigh in. In case a hybrid reopening is required, the school wants to prepare for planning by getting feedback on which version families would prefer and why. For example, ARHS students will be riding with middle school students in Tier 1. The Board of School Trustees will discuss the provisionally approved reopening our schools plan on July 21. KATY, Texas – Katy Independent School District is asking parents several questions in a survey, including what they want to do this fall semester when schools reopen. But they also may stay closed, reopen under a specific plan dictated by the state, or need to to pursue a “hybrid” reopening. start-school-later, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Previous post: Police News: St Anne’s “sick parishioner” scam, liquor store hold up, and a hit (or snag) and run, Next post: District nurses and cafeteria workers make news across the country. In that last scenario, only half the school’s population would attend at a time. A closed classroom in the Bartle School in Highland Park. (For those whose kids don’t yet attend Southborough schools, the current three tier schedule transports Algonquin Regional High School students, then Neary and Trottier students [grades 4-8], then Finn and Woodward students [grades K-3].). Similar to other school … For Families: Understand parent and caregiver needs, preferences, and reflections on distance learning. In preparation, the Task Force is asking the community to weigh in on the concept: The School Start Time Task Force is pleased to share with the community that it has identified a viable solution to having a later start time at ARHS. The “Tier” indicates which students will be riding together for each town. (This survey is anonymous.). I’ve attached the Reopening Sunday School document I created. Each district may choose which questions are pertinent to their operations. This survey was meticulously reviewed by the educational leaders of the school and informed our planning process for reopening. Here’s what experts say would help. thousands of students, families, and staff across the country. Based on this vital feedback we are able to share answers to your most frequently asked questions. Thank you for your responses to the June 26 survey. Those are some of the questions the Clarke County School District is asking parents to answer in a survey sent to parents this week. Parents Asked To Take Reopening Survey For Cherokee Schools Kathleen Sturgeon 6/23/2020 Hurricane Delta strengthens to Category 3, will be a … Involve … The times in yellow are the proposed changes that would take effect in the fall of 2021. Contact | Advertise | © 2014 — All rights reserved. Updated (6/4/20 9:59 am): Initially, the deadline for the three surveys was this Friday, June 5th. Tom Dykhouse One survey relates to planning how to reopen this fall. Or maybe you have a question about Southborough you can't find the answer to? , which includes approved cleaning supplies and disinfectants. (Click on image right for the details.). Tagged as: In fact, ARHS is included in the minority (10%) of high schools across the country that start school before 7:30 AM. The newsletter also included an option to provide feedback on the schools’ draft strategic plan: This school year, we have been engaged in the extensive process of writing a new strategic plan for the District. In it, he asks for responses to three surveys with deadlines Monday, June 8th. Throughout, we have invited a wide range of stakeholders to participate. Or a fabulous idea for a story? Click here. Stakeholders have until June 11 to answer a series of detailed questions … Parent survey questions for school feedback. Strongly agree; Agree; Disagree; Strongly disagree; Don’t know; The school’s religious teachings are not biased to any specific religion. Today, we’re happy to share our most current answers to your most pressing questions in this document. There is also an opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan. This morning, the Superintendent issued a new email focused on the surveys with a deadline of Monday, June 8th. As schools hope to reopen in the fall, the state Department of Education has sent a survey to parents. The times in green are the current start/end times for our 10 schools. For more information about our new ongoing project and methodology, please email Paul DiPerna at Breadcrumb Trail Links. Dear BCPS Parents and Guardians, Local environmental trends and the District’s analysis of gating criteria both point to the reopening of our schools for on-campus instruction next month. Social distancing looks different for young children than older children and adults. Another relates to long term planning for School Start Times and bus tiers for the following fall. transportation. The provisionally approved plan was submitted and approved by the Nevada Department of Education the week of July 13. The Orange County school district will survey parents this evening on their views on schools reopening. Please note that all of the answers are based on the current guidance that we have from the New Jersey Department of Education and state and local health authorities. (images cropped from survey and update) The Northborough and Southborough Public Schools is asking each family to complete a survey. The newsletter explains that Schools may reopen as usual (and hope to). Students will likely be grouped by cohort to reduce the number of others they interact with, and will have limitations on which areas they can use. I pray, we will not have to do that, but safety is first. School Schedules View the programming options the DOE has developed for schools to choose from. The debate over reopening America’s K-12 schools, explained. This will be determined based on requirements for distancing. Updated (6/22/20 12: 13 pm): I inserted a link to previous coverage of the School Start Time issue. PARENT SURVEY ON SCHOOLS REOPENING Question Title * 1. Executive Director and Head of School, Tom Dykhouse is the Executive Director & Head of School at Eastern Christian School, Blog, Elementary School, High School, Middle School, News, School Reopening: EC Parent FAQ Survey Responses. Absolutely! I previewed earlier this spring that the proposal for new School Start Times in fall 2021 hinges on reducing bus tiers. Many parents may choose to transport their students to school until a time when social distancing on the school bus no longer is required.

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