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mangrove reforestation projects

Three key efforts are: Planting mangroves in degraded areas is essential in rehabilitating areas that have been over-harvested. Please sign up for email updates on your favorite topics. The plan is to sell three thousand tonnes of CO2 per year for a period of twenty years. A summary report of our reforestation plan can be accessed here: Mangrove Reforestation Plan. REM Mangrove Reforestation Technology has radically transformed the ability to mitigate ecological degradation, promote sustainable development, build green infrastructure and increase biodiversity as-well-as resilience of the coastal ecology. Alternative fuel wood and timber resources can be incorporated, for example through agro forestry projects. Required fields are marked *. Eden Reforestation projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. By engaging in tourism activities such as tour guiding or food services, the community generates income and reduces the need to exploit mangrove forests. In Gazi village, a settlement that borders a mangrove forest by the Indian ocean, the villagers come together to plant mangrove seedlings for three days during the rainy season. Philippine mangroves chart (2.17 MB) Mikoko Pamoja manages a mangrove ecotourism enterprise in Gazi Bay. The last time we saw black-faced spoonbills in the Pampanga river in the Philippines was more than 100 years ago. The mangroves also have a role to play in mitigating climate change, as their roots trap carbon dioxide. This makes it urgent to balance the food chain, and mangrove restoration is a necessary first step in the process. Earlier this year, I went to visit Kampung Dato Hormat in Malaysia. Ecotourism promotes responsible, nature-conscious travel that conserves the local environment and improves future opportunities for the community. In Gazi village, a settlement that borders a mangrove forest by the Indian ocean, the villagers come together to plant mangrove seedlings for three days during the rainy season. Funding community-led mangrove forest monitoring, restoration, and reforestation projects around the world. We began this reforestation project with the intention to see just how far we could go in mangrove restoration efforts by harnessing the power of mobile technology. A healthy mangrove ecosystem raises the numbers of fish, and is an economic advantage to the fishermen and community. This project proposal is submitted to Global Giving Foundation for fundraising towards reforestation of Mangrove forest along the Indian Ocean in collaboration with adjacent villagers from Makurunge and Saadani Wards, Bagamoyo –Tanzania. Mangrove forests act as natural shields against the elements for coastal communities, such as those in the Philippines and Malaysia. The program began in October 2018 with the Katembe and Madjuva planting sites near Maputo, and to date Eden has planted over 550 thousand mangroves … A thriving mangrove forest means a better livelihood for the community; conservation shifts the narrative from exploitation to restoration. Lastly, training and support programs in mangrove conservation should continue. Sustainable Community Development Program. It also makes for high quality charcoal and good firewood because it smolders well. Additional threats include conversion of mangrove areas to other land uses, pollution, rising infrastructure and development leading to human encroachment and increasing demand for mangrove resources. Continued deforestation of mangrove areas disturbs habitats and damages biodiversity, a key effect of this being the decline in fishery yields. Those which were planted in 2009 have been steadily growing, and a small ecosystem has started to inhabit the mangrove forests. The new trees will stock 0.5 million tonnes of TeqCO 2 over the project’s life span of 20 years. It will pay for the reforestation of approximately 100 hectares of mangrove forest on the southwest coast of Yapan Island in West Papua. Since environmental impacts are an ongoing threat, to successfully … Modern Slavery Statement | Privacy | Legal | © Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson 1994-2020, Latest from the Connected Mangroves reforestation project, Redefine customer experience in real time.

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