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Observations for last 7 days. Autumn migrants following the Atlantic Coast south are funneled down to Cape May Point where the waters of Delaware Bay cause them to temporarily halt their southward passage. Fox sparrows scratch out a living in the cat brier tangle. Winters past have produced among other things, dovekies, thick-billed murres, Swainson’s hawks, snowy owls, white ibis, brown pelicans, and even a wood stork. 109 Lincoln Avenue, Cape May Point, New Jersey, US (38.932, -74.962) According to Richard Crossley, an internationally acclaimed birder and photographer residing in Cape May, September is the peak of bird migration. This is private land, so please conduct your observations from the road only. Avibase has been visited 312,259,266 times since 24 June 2003. If you prefer to view the list based on a different authority, click on one of the list available below. $(".highlight2").css('background-color',(t == 2? A falling tide often brings with it flocks of brant, drawn to the newly exposed jetties and the sea plants that anchor themselves there. The migrating birds always come to Cape May to feed and rest on their way south } Tremendous flocks of bobolinks pass overhead in August and September, and at times, tree swallows literally blanket the marsh. New Kingston, New York 513 contributions 269 helpful votes. if (v.substring(0,3) == "pdf") The woods can at times be alive with migratory songbirds, and Higbee Beach proper rivals the Cape May Point State Park as a spot to observe the Cape May hawk flight. Cape May is exceptional among top birding spots, as much of the hottest bird watching can be found along the residential avenues of the town of Cape May Point (probably the only municipality on earth where a bird watcher can “pish” and not draw comment, ridicule, or overt attention). A top birding location, Cape May is famous for its award-winning beaches, and historic Victorian structures. Autumn is a time of magic at Cape May, rising excitement keeping pace with the accelerating rush of southbound birds. The “good” days are spectacular! Shore birds arrive a few at a time until they flood the salt marsh like a spring tide in April and May. Buy The Birds of Cape May: NHBS - D Sibley, Cape May Bird Observatory. MyAvibase allows you to create and manage your own lifelists, and produce useful reports to help you plan your next birding excursion. Cape May lighthouse and New Jersey Shore. It is based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years. The Cape is a natural funnel, catching coastal migrants and directing them to its terminus at Cape May Point. Bird! Globally threatened species (status in red) were identified by Birdlife International in Birdlife Data Zone (species). During late September and early October, peregrine falcons and merlins use this large open area to hunt and feed. Use BWD's Birding and Nature Festival Finder to help you select from events all over the USA and beyond. Check the several ponds for wading birds and waterfowl. Birds and Birding at Cape May: Sutton, Clay, Sutton, Patricia: Fremdsprachige Bücher Ospreys appear in mid-March and begin the business of raising families, while accipiters and falcons, following the barrier islands, are on their way to breeding grounds farther north. Skip to main content. The entire migration can stop dead in its tracks, and Cape May is the only point of land in an awful lot of water. highlight species already seen, Listen to random bird songs from Xeno-Canto for this region: Autumn begins during the sultry days of late June and early July with the southward passage of the first lesser yellowlegs and short-billed dowitchers, the first wave in the rising tide of autumn migrants. Early September is a prime time for the greatest variety of shore bird species. Home » Explore » Birding by Region » Birding Northeast USA » New Jersey Bird Watching » Birding at Cape May, by Pete Dunne | Contributor, Bird Watcher's Digest. © Denis Lepage | Turn right on West Perry and continue as straight as possible. Cape May is exceptional among top birding spots, as much of the hottest bird watching can be found along the residential avenues of the town of Cape May Point (probably the only municipality on earth where a bird watcher can “pish” and not draw comment, ridicule, or overt attention). Wintering divers, puddle ducks, and whistling swans will remain as long as they have open water. The count annually records more species than any count north of Virginia. The doldrums of summer birding generally bypass Cape May. Katy Duffy has conducted the Cape May Owl Project each fall since 1980. Where is Cape May Bird Observatory? Scan the shallow pools for wading birds. This checklist includes all bird species found in Cape May , based on the best information available at this time. The nearby adjacent natural areas of Cape May Point State Park and Higbee Beach (a cedar and holly forest) offer excellent bird habitat and, correspondingly, excellent bird watching. birds cape may. Cape May on the New Jersey coast is my kind of place—leafy streets lined with Victorian houses painted in inspired hues and lushly decorated with gingerbread trim, long stretches of open beach,spectacular sunsets, affordable accommodations, a walkable downtown, restaurants good enough for repeat visits, and birds, birds, birds. Photo by Emsgr / Wikimedia. West Perry becomes Sunset Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard continues west to Cape May Point. Amazing naturalists and fantastic birders, the Suttons eagerly share their knowledge of the natural world around them. Visit the Cape May Bird Observatory with their weekly walks. Western kingbirds are annual autumn occurrences on telephone wires. The Cape May Blog is run by the Revibe Collection. If birds are good judges of excellent climate, Cape May has the finest climate in the United States, for it has the greatest variety of birds. Common and red-throated loons winter in the bay, and large numbers are seen moving in late March and April as wintering populations are augmented by northbound birds. The avian timetable does not follow the dictates of our solar calendar. Cross the bridge over the Cape May Canal and continue south on Lafayette Street. Learn more about the refuge. Loggerhead shrikes regularly occur here during late August and early September and can be seen perched on fence posts and cedar snags. Edit Alert Frequency. This guide to the flora and fauna of Cape May County, in southern New Jersey is intended as a photo gallery to showcase the wonderful wildlife that can be found in the region, as well as to act as a resource for identification - especially for such large groups as insects and plants. Walk or drive to the Cape May Point State Park, and follow the several nature trails that lead through the marshes, fields, and wood lots of the park. hourly. All Shops Toggle … $( "input[name='highlight']" ).bind( "click", changeHighlight ); Clapper rails skulk down secret paths, paths as “thin as a rail,” followed closely by precocial young. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Read more. $("#ckoptions").attr("action", "checklistpdf.jsp"); We get everything- 30 species of warbler, shorebirds, raptors- you name it. The park is also a particularly good place from which to observe the awesome Cape May hawk flight. Least bitterns breed in the fresh water areas, and the American bittern overwinters. Common and red throated loons dive for fish, often near shore. Black terns, flying east to the coast, then south, appear in midsummer. Double-crested cormorant drying its feathers in the sun. If you find any error, please do not hesitate to . Plan a visit to the South Cape May Meadows Preserve Established in 1859. English. I think these birds are terns. A cold front, northwest winds, and any calendar day from mid-August to late November mean land birds at Cape May Point. Peregrine falcon at Cape May, New Jersey. Helpful. The Swainson’s hawk is a seemingly annual autumn occurrence. The nature center has great habitat with short walking paths to view birds in natural habitat. No need to register, buy now! Includes both unreviewed and reviewed/approved observations. The purpose of this group is to increase our understanding of the status and distribution of birds found in southernmost New Jersey, and to bring together the people who work toward these goals. Flickers, kingbirds (both Eastern and occasionally Western), and blue jays all vie for the limited number of perches. Went here in August on a day trip leaving Wildwood on our way back home. Woodcocks remain all winter unless a prolonged freeze puts their staple diet of earthworms out of the reach of their probing bills. Pectoral, solitary, and spotted sandpipers concentrate at these locations and, occasionally, ruffs. The trails which lead through the fields and oak, holly, and cedar woods are many and confusing.'mapextent.jsp?region=usnjcp', 'mapextent', 'menubar=yes;').focus(); Then we’re off to the Cape May State Park Hawk Watch Platform, nature center, and light house. Thick-billed Murres by USFWS / Wikimedia. Sharp-shinned hawks and American kestrels stream by in a seemingly endless parade. Recordings not starting automatically? April Birds by the Month What to see in Cape May in the spring. The parasitic jaeger can be seen offshore in November (generally in pursuit of some fish-laden gull or royal tern) and, occasionally, glimpses of the less common pomarine jaeger. September’s passerines give way to October’s— hardy winter finches— and these, in turn, to November’s skeins of geese. by Cape May Attractions | Oct 21, 2020 | Sunset Beach. There are more than 20,000 regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than 175 languages. var t = $("input:radio[name='highlight']:checked").val(); North Shore Birding FestivalOccurs early December in Maitland, Florida », YUMA BIRD, NATURE & HISTORY FESTIVALOccurs early January in YUMA, Arizona », Bald Eagle DaysOccurs early January in Rock Island, Illinois », White Pelican CelebrationOccurs early January in Chokoloskee, Florida », Wings Over WillcoxOccurs mid-January in Willcox, Arizona ». Cape May Bird Observatory Associate Naturalists' "Welcome to Cape May" Our Associate Naturalist and volunteers would prefer to be leading you on birding walks in Cape May's hotspots in person. $(".highlight1").css('background-color',(t == 1? Visit. sendForm(); From warblers to wading birds, falcons to finches, Cape May is unconditionally acclaimed as “the” place to go for autumn birding. Plan Your Visit; Visitor Activities; Permits; Rules and Regulations ; Law Enforcement Wildlife & Habitat; About the Refuge; Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice. Got some great photos of a Black-throated Blue Warbler! The center itself has a huge selection of books. Any resident’s hedge or weedy lot might contain a clay-colored, Lincoln’s, or lark sparrow. Paul Kerlinger writes a monthly column on bird migration "Birds on the Move" for BirdWatching magazine. Photo by 2002moncar / Wikimedia. In 1977, the Cape May Bird Observatory hawk watch recorded 81,597 birds of prey, establishing a new national record for the most hawks ever recorded during an autumn migration. Cape May is such a legendary and productive hotspot that you can find doorstop-sized books written about birds and birding on this tiny peninsula. In contrast to the fall migration, most spring movement follows in the wake of a warm front. Cape May in winter is like Cape May at any time; a place to find the unexpected. Share. A 50-plus merlin day doesn’t raise any eyebrows (more than 100 per day have been seen), and daily counts of between 15 and 20 peregrine falcons occur during good flight years. $("#chkversion").val($(this).data("version")); A walk up the beach from the bunker affords good looks at the marshes and a point from which to scope the South Cape May Meadows. The good days are nothing short of spectacular. On a northwest wind, the Cape is alive with warblers. Our visit to the Cape May Hawk watching platform in October 2010. Keep your eyes open for rarities. Established in 1989, Cape May National Wildlife Refuge provides critical habitat to a wide variety of migratory birds and other wildlife. Go back to Bird Checklists of the World About Cape May Bird Observatory Founded in 1976 by New Jersey Audubon, the Cape May Bird Observatory (CMBO) is a leader in research, environmental education, bird conservation, and recreational birding … limit to recordings made in this region. Close. Purple sandpipers, birds of the rocky coast, are attracted to man-made jetties. . By August, shore birds of all types abound while bobolinks, their calls reminiscent of the chiming of bells, stream overhead on their way to Argentine wintering grounds. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers. Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World Cape May. For Higbee Beach park your car where the pavement ends on New England Road. var v = $("#chkversion").val(); Each checklist can be viewed with photos shared by the birding community, and also printed as PDF checklists for field use. $("#ckoptions").submit(); About Help Blog Jobs Established 1985 NHBS GmbH Covid-19 £ GBP € EUR . The Cape’s peninsular shape, proximity to ocean and bay, and diversity of habitat all blend to make Cape May a birding spot for all seasons. Visit our Cape May Bed & Breakfasts: The Harrison … Late afternoon is the best time to observe these coastal migrating falcons. Cape May Bird. if ($('#ckregion').val() == '') return; $("#ckoptions").submit(); A 30-plus warbler day is not unusual during peak migration in early September or early May. Follow along as he and his stuffed dog, Muttsie, face the world together. If, however, a warm front and a cold front meet head on over Cape May, watch out! Enjoyed Cape May. The walks last anywhere from two to three hours and welcome beginners and expert birders. $( document ).ready( function() { Check the cormorant flocks for an occasional great cormorant mixed in with the smaller double-cresteds. Good flights can occur as early as mid-August. Instead they've put together a photo/video montage of greetings which will have to suffice. Birds and Birding at Cape May: What to See, When and Where to Go | Clay Sutton, Pat Sutton | ISBN: 0011557031348 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. $(".AVBlistnavbutton").on("click", function() { Along the way, stop at the South Cape May Meadows and scope the shallow pools and grassy areas for wading birds, waterfowl, and shorebirds. Visit the Cape May Bird Observatory. One Day Spring Birding Guide If you have limited time, here's a one day, do it yourself fall birding guide for Spring Cape May. Lots of birds. A walk around Lily Lake is a must for migrating passerines. As a birder, I have traveled to Cape May many times, but some of the best times were taking birding workshops with Pat and Clay Sutton. } }); }, no highlights The resulting avian log jams provide birding as good as any to be found anywhere on this planet. Explore recent checklists of birds in this area. The beach and the bunker are excellent places to watch for migrating sea birds such as cormorants, scoters, and gannets. Steps: 199. Cape May County has a tremendous variety of habitats for migrating birds: salt marshes, swamp or wet woods, fresh water marshes and ponds, pine forest, saltwater, grasslands and open fields. Given this combination, almost any place on the Cape will pass for a good birding spot. Height: 157.5 feet. function changeHighlight() { These birds in turn attract wintering sharp-shinned and Cooper’s hawks. Black-bellied plovers, dunlins, and greater yellowlegs arrive first, advancing with the season, followed by dowitchers, whimbrels, lesser yellowlegs, knot, least, semi-palmated and white-rumped sandpipers. Call us (08:30-17:00 UK) 01803 865913 International +44 1803 865913 Email All contact information Need Help? The first harbingers of spring are the pintail pairing off in February, newly arrived red-winged black birds calling from foxtail stalks, and oldsquaws flying purposefully north. Photo by Suresh Lakkaraju / Wikimedia Commons. Send alerts... daily. The Point even turns up such northeastern rarities as the Mississippi and swallow-tailed kite. Photo by Shutterstock. The number of species recorded annually is exceeded only by the number of birding organizations which make an annual pilgrimage to the area. If further testimony is needed to support Cape May’s winter birding wealth, consider the records of the Cape May Christmas Bird Count. This checklist includes all bird species found in Cape May, based on the best information available at this time. The meadows are attractive to black-bellied plovers, greater and lesser yellowlegs, dowitchers and white-rumped sandpipers (spring and fall migration); stilt sandpipers, golden plovers, Baird’s sandpipers, buff-breasted sandpipers, and Hudsonian and marbled godwits (fall migration).

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