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As an alternative to serving up fonts from Google’s server, you can also host fonts locally, which might offer performance benefits. Or, find the conversation on Twitter. Fonts served by the Google Fonts API are automatically compressed for a faster download, and once downloaded are cached in the browser and reused by any other web page that uses the Google Fonts API. Pair fonts … Hosting Google Fonts local doesn’t necessarily mean that your page speed will improve. Download now. ... See available fonts. We can reduce the total number of round trips to one: Embed the CSS directly in the HTML. Also do I need to include “&display=swap” to it? Then, each @font-face declaration tells the browser to use a local version of the font, if available, before attempting to download the file from First, we have a minimum of 2 separate requests to different hosts — first for the stylesheet at, and then to a unique URL for each font hosted at Let’s take a look at the performance before and after. As a result in Harry’s research, the site’s First Paint is up by 1.6s to 1.7s. Check out this list for the best type families for the food industry. First of all, Google Fonts could already be cached on your visitor’s computer from going to a different web page. Google suggests the … We choose to put this at the top of our variables partial when using SCSS. Remember that more styles mean more for the client to download: Different fonts have different levels of character support and style options. So we recommend doing your own … All fonts are released under open source licenses. Google provides, as part of its numerous services, a tool called Google Fonts, … All rights reserved. The waterfalls for each show how we are saving time by playing with latency: Different people have different opinions on FOIT (flash of invisible text) and FOUT (flash of unstyled text). Preloading a Google font turns out to be a great idea, Harry found out that the first web font load was 600ms faster than usual. One thing Google Fonts does offer is a fast and reliable content delivery network (CDN). However, the first web font however was loaded 500ms slower due to the low priority. For the most part, we prefer to show text as fast as possible even if that means a pesky transition to our preferred font once it loads. But most fonts are mainly junk, which is why the good fonts go down very quickly and are then rarely found. Finally we end up with the following snippet. If you open the $CSS URL above you’ll notice that the fonts are loaded from the origin that looks like — we can preconnect to this origin. When this other page uses the same font as you, then the visitor will already have it installed. With Subfont, Peter automated the whole process. By adding the preconnect, we can perform DNS/TCP/TLS before the socket is needed, thereby moving forward that branch of the waterfall: It would be even better if we had full control over our font files, loading, and CSS properties. For instances where a user has intentionally disabled JavaScript in their browser, we can use the

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