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blue gum vs red gum firewood

Here’s how to pick and prepare the best burning firewood. Red and Blue Gum are extremely long burning woods. Sale due to moving house that doesn't require fire wood. Also, once a gum gets away it’s fairly hardy, but when it’s young it needs to be fed and weeds kept back or it may die. According to the department of national measurement institute when measuring firewood by tonne (weight) it must be weighed with trade approved scales and have NMI approval number. This holds true even when the firewood … With its great coaling qualities, density and heat output, blue gum won't leave you disappointed. Eucalyptus Blue Gum produces 34.5 million BTUs of heat per cord. If you're considering cooking with wood, firewood choices such as mesquite, apple, pecan and almond would all be a far better choice than cooking with blue gum. Bluegum must be kept dry. … We only sell firewood that is fully seasoned, dry, and never wet or green. Once chopped into chunks the wood needs to be seasoned. Click here for more information. Hardwood makes the paper opaque and softwood makes the paper durable and firm. Can be used for both interior features and exterior construction. One reason is different varieties do better in different parts of the country – plant the wrong one for your area and you’ll probably lose it to frost or the wrong soil conditions. Once it is alight the hardwood burns long and hot. Split firewood is sized to fit all standard wood heaters, open fires or outdoor fire places. This scheme was abandoned and the timber was never harvested for this purpose. The blue gum tree does not grow uniformly straight, it coils and contorts so because of this it is more difficult to fell and chop the tree into firewood segments. Information on the best wood stoves from a variety of different manufactures. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! Texture is relatively fine and even. Seasoned firewood mixture of red and blue gum, and also olive tree wood which burns better than blue gum. It burns clean and hot, and doesn't leave too much buildup in your chimney/flue. Learn more here! At Riverina Redgum Firewood Supplies all our firewood is measured using trade approved scales with a … This is a good hardwood. Red River Gum is an iconic Australian timber prized for its brilliant red colour. If you're looking to purchase blue gum to burn in your fireplace, wood stove or even to use it at your next campfire, it's important to buy the firewood from a reputable dealer. Author. However, because of their essential requirement as commodities for the manufacturing of products, blue gum trees will always be needed. This will ensure you get the best heat in your home and can dry store it with ease at any location. The septic’s will be looking at you sideways – but check out the statistics we have on Blue Gum: 1. It produces a lovely hot bed of coals that will burn throughout any winter night, although perfect for any time of year. MVS Firewood Solutions Pty Ltd. Supply Region: Adelaide, South Australia. Reply. Blue gum firewood is a dense hardwood and thus the wood does not burn up fast. This helps control the spread of blue gum. Read this first! They deliver high quality, seasoned, packaged firewood that includes free kindling and free delivery. Eucalyptus oil is used mainly in the pharmaceutical industry in the making of cold and flu remedies. In South Africa for instance, it is illegal to plant a blue gum tree near a water source. Pick up in Littlehampton. Find out here. Add to cart. Gums often do well with acacia (wattles) as the smaller trees can live under a gum canopy, and are also good firewood trees in their own right. Blue gum; red gum; red iron gum. The blue gum tree is filled with the compound Eucalyptol. Reply to Tim 7 months ago Maybe we are not talking about the same species? Coming in at 18.4 MBTU, and 18 months seasoning time. (If you have tried bluegum before and been disappointed the chances are that you were burning blue gum that hadn’t been seasoned sufficiently). Smoke-free fire master, Dave Pullen from the New Zealand Home Heating Association shares his top picks for the best firewood to burn a warmer, cheaper, smoke-free fire. Hardwood and softwood are both needed to make paper. Just when you thought Red Gum was the only wood to burn in your fireplace … we came up with an alternative option. Blue Gum is a very sustainable product available for burning as a mixer or on its own. ... Top Grade Blue gum log - Duration: 2:51. Properties of Australian Eucalyptus firewood species found in SA, Wholesale Firewood Suppliers South Australia, Ready to light and easy to ignite as compared to other timbers, Split and provided in a variety of manageable sizes – granny cut timber style, Produces more flame and lovely cosy ambiance, Easier to split and cut as compared to Redgum, Plantation grown and sustainable - not sourced from native forests, A comparable burn rate that gives off excellent heat, Burn density is as effective as better than Redgum, Less smoke emission than Redgum and is carbon neutral, South Australian sourced product and South Australian owned business. The septic’s will be looking at you sideways – but check out the statistics we have on Blue Gum: 1. Use this free firewood calculator to determine exactly how much firewood you have. Those who use it love it as long as it seasoned to perfection, which is normally about 2 years. The oil is abstracted from the leaves of the blue gum tree by the use of a separation process known as steam distillation. They may be tough to split, but they're really good on the inside. When someone is getting red gum firewood for sale, it is necessary to ensure that the wood is a quality product that is dense in nature. The smell is from the oil inside the wood which remains even after the wood has been allowed to season. Major limbs are more steeply inclined than in other eucalypt species. Our Redgum firewood is slow burning with a high heat output and 100% Sustainable. While most species make very good firewood, there are some species that are more comparable to a soft wood. Once seasoned for the appropriate amount of time this wood gives off a fresh aromatic smell when burnt, some enjoy it and yet others don't. Blue Gum firewood is known for being nearly smokeless when burnt, which is great for indoor heating devices, such as open and closed combustion fireplaces and chimineas. Stem diameter up to 2m. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. Sale due to moving house that doesn't require fire wood. Firewood Solutions Bluegum is more affordable, ready to light, provides excellent heat and burn rate. Products & Services: A South Australian wholesale & retail supplier of plantation harvested blue gum, red gum and sugar gum. It is normal to use blue gum on an already lit fire as it needs the heat to combust. Plantation Pine, Douglas Fir and Blue Gum are widely available from Canterbury Good Wood merchants and are the best woods to use and mix to get your fire just right. All high quality firewood is costly. Our gum firewood is a combination of red gum, blue gum it may also contain Australian hardwoods black wattle and sheoak casuarina. 2. The Ultimate Blue Gum Starter Load. Blue gum are Eucalyptus trees which are part of the Myrtaceae family. See the comparison table below for more information on how Bluegum compares to other firewood. The oil has a diverse range of use. Pickup or delivery available. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 200.00 – $ 1,650.00. 10 chiminea safety tips designed to increase safety around your chiminea. However, now this resource is ideal for use as firewood. Also kindling as in pictures free of charge. Products & Services: A South Australian wholesale & retail supplier of plantation harvested blue gum, red gum and sugar gum. River red gum relative heat available/unit volume is 81% which compares favourably with blue gum 83% and sugar gum … Load: Clear: Mixed Gum quantity. Seasoned firewood mixture of red and blue gum, and also olive tree wood which burns better than blue gum. Re: Metric tonne of firewood to cubic meters ps, even if the density is 1t/m3, you would get heaps more firewood out of a tonne than out of a chopped cubic meter, as there is lots of space between the pieces that weighs almost nothing, but is still part of the cubic meter. Grows 20–50m high. Plus, using the tree for firewood is important for the environment because it is an invasive species of tree. With this in mind, Firewood Solutions can provide it to you in waterproof bulka bags - each bag contains approximately ½ tonne of firewood. Cooking Over A Campfire Using Apple Firewood, open and closed combustion fireplaces and chimineas, Chiminea Safety Tips - Enjoying An Outdoor Fireplace, Best Wood Stoves - Popular Choices And Reviews, Firewood Measurements - Firewood Cord Calculator. His opponent, Red Gum comes in at also 18.4 MBTU, but slightly less drying time at 12 months. It splits a lot like splitting boulders with a sledge and wedge. Redgum is single split with variance in size and you may need to split some of the bigger pieces to fit your fireplace.

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